A new way of making war!

Is mistaken who thinks that the USA is losing the war in Iraq or Afghanistan. What we need are new forms of warfare.
There was a time in which it declared war and thereafter squads formed and .... The new way is to just plant chaos in the target country and, while trying to fix the problem, will be taking the spoils , tuning is what pays the bills. That's happening in Iraq or Afghanistan. Current advances guerrilla groups are not out of control, but it seems that, having already exhausted the resources needed to pay the bill, is now sometimes leaving chaos for the victims themselves arrumarem.
What the world is slowly learning is that being a partner of the USA is not a good thing. Repeatedly around the world this country has given evidence that their partners use and then discard. The exclusion principle based on which U.S. foreign policy is not only victims outside their borders. Within the USA itself and with its own citizens there are processes of exclusion. Let us strike remember cities with among several other New Orleans along the Mississippi.
Obama, you have been the hope of many. We know you are not a tyrant and needs to govern all others. We noticed you could not move much on what you actually believed.


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